About Us

Follow our WOWY tale as it unfolds. Our creation of a new path in our yellow brick road, with bricks we make and lay during 2019 and 2020! We walk this path together, joined by you and those who are no longer with us but live forever in our minds and hearts.

Hi, we are the Jackson family and in 2020 we'll be taking a break from the life we have come to know so well. We have set up this website to communicate the why, what, who, how and where of our 2020 journey for family, friends, followers and subscribers to enjoy.

We are a normal family by normal standards who live a reasonably normal life. Brian works as a consultant in the building and infrastructure industry, Lisa is a beauty therapist and our boys, Braith and Kace, are our bundles of joy that we love dearly.

We invite you to join our journey and support us. Allow us to share it with you - a journey that will bring us closer together, to free and grow our minds, to enable us to discover new possibilities from a new reference point and perspective.

We hope to become closer to you too and for you to enjoy us, for what and who we are. So we can connect better when we see you again.

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About Us